Meet the Model: Jess S

Meet the Model: Jess S

Say hello to the gorgeous Jess; always working, always networking and always pushing herself to new heights!  We asked her 9 quick questions about her life :)


Who (or what) inspired you to become a model?

My mum actually inspired me to be a model; she was with Models 1 and she was tall and glamorous with long blonde hair, she began with beauty pageants for fun so that’s what I did and we both actually won Miss Manchester aged 17! Crazy! She also ran her own businesses (she did it all!)  so I looked up to her and thought I want to follow in her footsteps, so I did! She's my idol!

What are your best beauty secrets?

To only use serum on my face and a non foam cleanser ;) oh and obviously never put my face in the sun I always use a daily natural tinted sun protector! These things are golden! 


What top 3 things are always in your bag?

In my bag I always have my Bobbi brown lipstick, Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume & my diary (I’m old school) haha - a diary is a model ESSENTIAL!  


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

South Africa! I am a nerd when it comes to the animals there.


Favourite Food?

Pho Vietnamese noodles yummy 


What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to travel, go to the gym and go hiking, clothes shopping, salsa dancing, spending time with my family as they live all over the world, hanging out with my girlfriends, horse riding, cafe hopping (I'm a massive foodie) & watch LOADS of films :)


What was your favourite modelling job so far?

Fave modelling job would be an Oral B commercial, I was the speaking role and it was filmed abroad, the crew were amazing!


Which Spice girl are you?

I’d say I’m scary spice haha I’m feisty but love to have fun and be silly ;) 


Any tips for anyone getting into the industry?

Stay true to yourself, your personality will ALWAYS stand out more than your looks and win you that job!  

Every one loves a smiley model, look after your body and never give up! 


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