How the pandemic has given self-care a whole new meaning

How the pandemic has given self-care a whole new meaning

The past year hasn’t been an easy feat, with staying at home and fewer social distractions it’s been a battle between willpower and self-control to try and leverage our time into something positive. It may have been an uphill struggle, but we’ve got there in the end.

The pandemic has given us all the realisation we needed, highlighting the importance of looking after ourselves.

It has reshaped and broadened how we have previously perceived self-care to be. It’s not just about buying a new dress or getting a new bag (albeit you can’t beat a bit of retail therapy). It’s about staying positive amongst all the uncertainty, maintaining a routine to keep your mind and body healthy, whether through sleep, hydration, meditation or a skincare regime.

Customer demand has changed. Consumers are prioritising health, wellbeing and comfort above all else. The pandemic has driven us towards “comfort consumerism” and is driving our purchasing decisions. The fashion industry as many others have suffered as a result of Covid-19, but categories such as activewear and loungewear are reigning supreme.

But as lockdown restrictions are easing across the world, it is uncertain how the above categories will keep up their sales once people are able to return to normal. Nevertheless, the desire to stay fit and healthy will still remain. The skincare and beauty industry has also received an increase in demand.

Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic. Being kind to one’s self continues to be a priority as we have little control over what happens next. Regardless of everything we’ve faced as a global collective, the one positive thing that can be said to have come from the pandemic is the need and importance of self-care.

Remember to take a pause, collect your thoughts and take some ‘you’ time.

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