Vogue 100

Vogue 100

To Celebrate 100 years of British Vogue, the National Portrait Gallery are hosting an exhibition featuring some of the best prints and images that span across it's centennial history.

The collection starts from the first, beautiful paintings that predate the photographs, lovingly detailed drawings of ways to wear the new hat & the latest gowns from Paris, until the later 20s when the photograph became more common replaced them. However Vogue didn't let the escapism and beauty of the paintings go, ensuring that every photograph transports you into a different world
As a collection there is a great range of imagery; beautiful shots of celebrities, royalties and a wealth of Kate Moss pictures,
(weirdly not a single picture of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!!)
And some fun unexpected pictures, (such as Grace Coddington in a swimming pool and Kate Moss almost unrecognisable riding naked on a horse!)
Possibly the easiest way to step into the life of Vogue for an hour or two, the exhibition is a must see for all fashion aficionados and models alike.

On at the National Portrait Gallery until 22nd May 2016

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